Motor Ai offers mobility digital services for end consumers, the car manufacturing industry and public transportation systems.

The Motor Ai device unlocks the opportunity to collect mobility data and develop services to support both B2C and B2B applications.


Motor Ai’s first mobility digital service is a Hit & Run Notification Service for parked cars. A very common but frustrating occurrence, Motor Ai’s solution lets the car owner return to their car faster and provides valuable video documentation of the accident that can be used for insurance claims or going to the police.

The devices are designed to be easily attachable to most car windows and are placed at the front, rear, and sides, giving maximum detection capability and visibility.

The software detects any hits to the car and starts to record the incident, for example the hit by the other car and its subsequent running away from the accident. Once a hit has been detected and recorded, the car owner receives a notification with the video, time of the incident, and location. This helps simplify the owner’s interactions with insurers and the police.


Placing our device on local transportation vehicles offers realtime data of public traffic and environmental data.

Motor Ai helps to solve parking problems, control and steer environmental emissions and optimize the city traffic flow.


In the very near future, digital services will account for a significant proportion of the total revenue in the automotive industry. Given that developing cars takes up to four years, now is the time to start developing uses for the data that cars will eventually be able to gather.

With its comprehensive array of sensors, Motor Ai is a strong partner if your business needs to collect and analyze mobility data or develop new mobility services.


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